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Low Power-Consumption Fiber Amplifier (EFA-200)

  • EFA-200

    The EFA-200C is a compact, cost-effective and low power consumption fiber amplifier. The compact size is <1/3 the width of a 19" rack, and is easy to carry and share in multiple experimental setups.

    The power consumption is approx. 1/3 of existing Alnair EDFAs, making the EFA-200C ideal for system-level experiments that require multiple EDFAs.


    • Low power-consumption (<3 W, up to 70% lower than previous models)
    • Optical output up to +20 dBm
    • Compact size, with <1/3 the width of a 19" rack
    • Cost effective
    • Optical metrology
    • Amplification of laser output