Alnair Labs

Laser Sources

Compact Femtosecond Pulsed Laser (PFL-200)
  • Carbon nanotube (CNT) passively mode-locked fiber laser
  • CNT saturable absorber: enhances reliability & life-time
  • All-PM-fiber configuration provides ultra-high stability
Narrow Linewidth Tunable Laser (TLG-220)
  • Affordable narrow-linewidth (<100kHz) tunable laser
  • C-band wavelength 1528.90nm~1567.21nm
  • L-band wavelength 1570.01nm to 1608.76nm
  • 1MHz wavelength tuning resolution
Multi-channel Narrow Linewidth Tunable Laser (TLG-320)
  • fast wavelength scanning Slot configuration allows future channel expansion
  • Mainframes can be cascaded to accomodate over 160ch
  • Firmware memorizes last setting for a hassle-free start-up
High Speed Wavelength Scanning Laser (HSL-200)
  • Fast wavelength scanning speed of <100ms
  • C-band coverage
  • Laser start trigger & wavelegth trigger output
Broadband ASE Source (ASE-200)
  • Broadband, high-power, stable ASE source
  • VFD display for easy viewing from shallow angle
  • Flat spectrum option available