Alnair Labs

Picosecond Electrical Pulse Generator (EPG-210)

  • EPG-200
  • 25 ps pulse waveform
  • 50 ps pulaw waveform

    The EPG-210 is a specially-designed short electrical pulse generator. The output pulse can be as short as 30ps, ad with the high-voltage option, it can drive most off-the-shelf laser diodes of LN modulators to generate short optical pulses. The tunability of the pulse-width and frequency repetition rate offers flexibility in laser machining application, where control of laser pulse energy is required.

    • Short electrical pulse down to 30ps
    • Sharp rise/fall time
    • Adjustable pulsewidth and frequency repetition rate
    • Triggerable from external clock
    • Single ended or differential output available
    • Optical pulse generation
    • Laser diode gain-switching
    • Laser machining
    • LIDAR