Alnair Labs

High Speed Optical & Electronics Instruments

Electrical Pulse Generator (EPG-210)
  • Generate high-speed electrical pulses as short as 30ps
  • 17ps fast rise-time for driving modulators and lasers
  • Generate pulses on-demand or at repetition rates up to 5GHz
High Current Pulse Generator (Preliminary Release)
  • Generate high current electrical pulses of 100A
  • Pulsewidth of 1~5ns
  • Generate pulses at repetition rates of single shot to 400kHz
28Gb/s x 4Ch Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT-250E)
  • A simple 28Gbps BERT for testing in production lines
  • Transceiver/TOSA/ROSA line inspection
  • Optical Modulator Testing
10Gb/s Serial Bit Error Rate Tester (SeBERT-100)
  • TOSA/ROSA inspection, driving optical modulators
  • Low-cost 10Gbps BERT for production lines
  • SFP+/XFP compatible slot (optional)