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Polarization-Maintaining Mode-locked Fiber Laser (PFL-200)

  • Module type PFL-200
  • Benchtop type PFL-200
  • Pulse autocorrelation waveform
  • PFL-200 Pulse Spectum

    The PFL-200 is a compact polarization-maintaining femtosecond pulsed laser incorporating out proprietary carbon-nanotube mode-locker. The laser is highly stable with an all-polarization-maintaining configuration to provide transform-limited soliton pulses with a typical pulse width of 450fs.

    The PFL-200 module has a compact design with a package size of merely 90x70x15mm. All driver electronics are integrated within the module and only 5VDC supply is required. Benchtop version is also available for turn-key easy operation in laboratory. PFL-200 is the most compact femtosecond pulsed laser source in the industry for various embedded applications that requires high performance and affordable pulsed laser.

    • Ultra compact module size: 90 x 70 x 15 mm
    • Femtosecond pulsewidth: 450 fs typical
    • Low repetition rate drift: < 1 kHz/oc
    • Polarization maintained output