Alnair Labs

Tunable FBG Optical Filter (WTF-200)

  • WTF-200

    The WTF-200 series wavelength tunable optical filter is based on a prioprietary compressivley-tuned fiber Bragg grating technology which follows a wideband tuning. The center wavelength is selectable, whilst the maxumum tuning range of the filter is typically 20nm. Custom filter with different shape, bandwidth and center wavelength is also available upon request, and customer supplied FBG can also be mounted into the WTF-200.

    • Narrow-band optical filtering
    • Sharp filter response
    • Low Insertion loss
    • Band-pass and band-rejection port (option)
    • Custom filter profile selection
    • Optical signal selection/rejection
    • Background noise suppression
    • Reflector for tunable laser