Alnair Labs

Polarization Controller, Polarizer, Variable Attenuator (MLC Series)

  • MLC
  • Waveplate and Polarizer
  • Collimator Frame and Variable Attenuator

    The MLC Series allows flexible control of lightwaves by combining high-quality polarizer, half- and quarter- wavelplates, and variable attenuator cartridges.

    The MLC Series is primarily used for high-precision polarization control with either a dual-waveplate or a three-waveplate combination. The waveplate cartridges can be controlled precisely with the angle marker clearly indicated. This allows the polarization state to be controlled easily, repeatably without any polarization drift.

    • Cartridge-type modular design
    • High-precision wave plates for polarization control
    • Polarizer, wave plates, variable attenuator cartridges
    • Low insertion and return losses
    • Polarization and intensity control