Alnair Labs

Four Channels Wavelength Tunable Laser Source (TLG-220)

  • TLG-200

    The TLG-220 is a narrow-linewidth wavelength tunable laser source for applications such as coherent communication and long-range optical sensing. The laser can be locked to ITU grid wavelengths and fine-tunable with 1 MHz resolution. The laser can be controlled on the front panel or remotely via USB/GPIB. Benchtop version can host up to 4 separate lasers in C- band.


    • Narrow laser linewidth <100kHz
    • C-band or L-band coverage
    • Wavelength tunable on 25GHz ITU grid
    • Wavelength fine-tuning resolution 1MHz
    • Single-channel and multi-channel up to 4 channels
    • Optical local oscillator
    • Coherent communication
    • Optical sensing