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High Speed Wavelength Scanning Laser Source (HSL-200)

  • HSL-200
  • Fast scanning laser spectra

    The HSL-200 is a rapid scanning wavelengtn laser source for applications of optical devices characterization, thickness measurement or FBG interrogation sensing. The wavelength of laser can be operated in scanning mode as well as stationary mode. The laser can be controlled on the front panel or remotely via USB. Rack-mount version can host up to 2 separate lasers, with two individual C- band tunable lasers.


    • Fast wavelength scanning speed of <100ms
    • C-band coverage
    • Wavelength setting resolution of 5pm
    • Polarization maintaining output
    • Single-channel and multi-channel up to 2 channels
    • Optical device characterization
    • Laser source for thickness measurement
    • Optical sensing