Alnair Labs

Picosecond Electrical Pulse Generator (MCG-200)

  • Low jitter clock geneators
  • Low jitter clock output waveform
  • Low J\jitter clock waveform

    The MCG-200 is a four channels low jitter clock generator. The output clokc can be fed to EPG-210 to produce picosecond pulses train. The output pulese frequency will be replica of the MCG-200 frequency. The low jitter (RMS) of 100fs is an important feature for ensuring low jitter short pulses generation. Independently frequency setting of CH1 to CH4 in synchronization will be a useful feature for various applications. There is an additional trigger outpu which can be used to feed into oscilloscope for acquiring pulse waveform. MCG-200 can be synced with an external clock whch serve as master to multiple slave devices.

    • Multi-channels low jitter clock generation
    • All channels are in synchronization
    • Independent frequency setting
    • Triggerable from external clock
    • One trigger output port for triggering oscilloscope
    • Scanning frequency function
    • Optical pulse generation
    • Laser diode gain-switching
    • Laser machining
    • LIDAR